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Top 50 Contributors

Names are listed in random order.
Dave Davisson (137,431 Memorials)
We live in Clintonville, a neighborhood in Columbus a little north of the Ohio State campus.

Interests include local history, family history, church history, Scotland, Wales and the Welsh.

Transfer requests: Generally glad to transfer any memorial outside close family, just ask. If you'd rather just have it updated, glad to do that too.
International Wargraves Photography Project (1,948,818 Memorials)
The IWPP was created in September 2005 by Carina and Gary Nelson. Carina is Swedish born whose Grandfather served on the King's Guard of Sweden. Gary is a retired Staff Sergeant of the Washington DC Air National Guard, a retired Police Sergeant as well as retired from the Federal Government.

RECENTLY we have discovered a great number of image... (read more)
Michael Harrington (160,026 Memorials)
שָׁלוֹם עֲלֵיכֶם

I will be the first one to go out of his way to help you out any way I can. I am more than happy to make additions, corrections or to transfer memorials to you providing it falls within the Find a Grave guidelines. It would really help if yo... (read more)
SG (195,580 Memorials)
This is such a wonderful FREE sight! A BIG Thank You to all of you who send me updates, obituaries, bios, and other pertinent information for any of my managed memorials.

PLEASE use the Edit System when possible for making ALL name, date, relationships, plot, GPS, and memorial inscription changes to a mem... (read more)
MillieBelle (138,892 Memorials)
How do I get a relative's memorial transferred to me?
First, Determine if you really need the memorial transferred to you for management. Transferring of management should only be requested If you have extensive changes to make to a memorial. You can add photos and suggest corrections without having to reque... (read more)
Bob & Nancy Cannon (154,852 Memorials)
Find a Grave's mission is to find, record and present final disposition information. Read more on left side of this page by clicking on "Help with Find A Grave".

Please do not add scanned images to memorials that have created by us. Pertinent information can be gleaned from these articles and added in the bio section.

We willingly ma... (read more)
T.V.F.T.H. (1,833,606 Memorials)
**Please use the new edit functions - you can easily enter DOB/DOD and link information, and then I can hit the Approve button. If you choose not to, it can take up to 30 days for me to make your edits.**

Rudeness will be ignored.

A note about bio info: if you submit something to be put in a bio, I will put "~courtesy of ____... (read more)
Tony & Cindy Lloyd (228,020 Memorials)
I live in Nebraska and recently took over the Genealogy torch from my grandmother. I have had numerous people take photos of cemetery stones for me and I thought I would like to do the same for others. My wife Cindy helps to take photos, enter names, and deal with the thousands of corrections.

Special thanks goes out to Jenn O. (#47041892) for a... (read more)
Graves (727,802 Memorials)
Thank you for all of the corrections. I should be caught up on all requests through 12/14 with exception to a few complicated requests. Please send a reminder if you think I've missed your request. Thanks

Please use links for birth/death, name, relationship, etc..., located on each memorial, for updating memorials.

The 'Suggest other ch... (read more)
Ron West (167,492 Memorials)
I am a bit of a fan of history and I love the history you find in cemeteries. My favorites are the old pioneer cemeteries of the west.

For those of you that are looking for forgotten relatives, loved ones, friends and family, I just want to say to you that I do what I do here on Find A Grave for you. No one should be forgotten! We all may not b... (read more)
Erice Wilcox (262,105 Memorials)
Request must be made according to Find A Grave guidelines. No corrections or transfers will be made from message board.

Retired ordained minister and husband to Mary Barton Wilcox, artist and author whose books "First Rose" and "First of Ever" addresses life after death. Available through Tate Publishers at (read more)
Susan Ing (167,342 Memorials)
I live in Maplewood Missouri.
I can go to several cemeteries for pictures.
Please let me know if we can help. My helper is my 13 pound dog Lola who chases the birds and other critters around while I look for tombstones.

My family names that I am working on are Strang, Durham, Franks, Ing/Inge, Pickering, Marlow, Gonia, Bridges, Asher, Abbo... (read more)
Headstone Genealogist (387,912 Memorials)
John Smolarek (208,689 Memorials)
Hi. Most of the memorials are for family to find and to ask for the management be transferred to them. All others: use the Edit function in the upper right of a memorial for corrections and suggestions.
Donna McPherson (146,968 Memorials)
Please should you see any duplicates I have done please let me know. Names may not appear the same but is a duplicate so please let me know.


I will not do links, names, dates or any corrections from emails or public messages. All should be sent under the ed... (read more)
Jim Cox (136,044 Memorials)
I enjoy genealogy and have been doing it on and off for the past 25 years. Our group - Cemetery Seekers are currently working in reading each cemetery in the counties listed below and entering information from the actual reading of the cemetery. Those counties include Allen County, IN, Adams County, IN ( I am the Co-Coordinator for INGenWeb for this c... (read more)
Barb Destromp (149,245 Memorials)
Doesn't everyone deserve to be remembered?

Please be considerate on the amount of Edits sent in one day..

Also: Photos are mine that is why they are now stamped with my name and date, so please do not ask to remove the watermark from it's location and the date is to prove when it was taken....

Please ask for permission to use... (read more)
John Evans (147,811 Memorials)
Please do not post Death Certificates on my memorials.

Please use the edit tab on the memorial to send a correction or suggestion so that I know what memorial you are referring to. When it is on my Bio page it is much harder to find.

When requesting a transfer use the edit tab on the memorial

From F-A-G
"Explain your relatio... (read more)
ProgBase (473,796 Memorials)
Please do not write "encyclopedias" in the comments section of the new-style SACs - I am unable to copy and paste them into the bio.
I'm trying to find lots of records for people looking for their ancestors. For those concerned about following the rules, "Please limit the number of "Suggest A Correction" requests you send to an individual contributo... (read more)
Mom (161,145 Memorials)
Rita Osborne (167,835 Memorials)
Please use the "NEW" editing system when you are sending suggestions. This includes Links to Parents and Spouse, birth and death information.
If you have a question about a specific memorial. Go through the edit tab on the memorial.
When sending links for parents and spouse use the edit tab on the memorial and use the correct ... (read more)
RobMinteer57 (928,935 Memorials)
A big "Thank You" goes out to everyone who sends any info and links for the memorials I've added. I regret that I cannot thank each of you individually, although with the new Edit system you now get computer-generated acknowledgements that your suggested changes and/or additions have been accepted.

I got interested in Family History in 2007, a... (read more)
Chris Mills (456,301 Memorials)
Messages are enabled on my profile but please use the Edit tab in the upper right corner of the memorials for all edits and transfer requests!. I will not be responsible for any edits or transfer requests left as messages, I may see them and get to them but I may not.

If you are asking for a transfer either make sure you are logged into... (read more)
KBrownst (168,859 Memorials)
Thank you so much to the volunteers who not only list the information but also provide a photograph of the stones.

I'm 12th Generation American, directly decended from Thomas Chaffee (1635) and as such the Chaffee's and allied families are my interest.

The faq's are an amazing repository of information for FAG. You'll also learn a lot... (read more)
Mamaquilts (137,137 Memorials)
The stone in my photo says it all

"This is Me"

This stone can be found in the Mentor City Cemetery, Mentor Ohio. It is part of a family plot towards the back of the cemetery. There is a main family stone and than this one. It's not the prettiest stone by far but the guy had a sense of humor. I smile everytime I see it.

---------... (read more)
III (483,325 Memorials)
Wilton Golson (136,388 Memorials)
Please contact Find a grave for any help you may need.
David Woody (351,424 Memorials)
I am retired. Enjoy baseball (Atlanta Braves) and many other hobbies. I believe Find A is a wonderful idea and hopefully more people will help identify a lot of the ones that have passed before us. I especially enjoy following some of the older graves especially those who fought in the civil war and have photos. This is so interesting to think... (read more)
Lorie (140,422 Memorials)
The Key To Any Puzzle Is Laying Down The First Piece...... ~Lorie

That is my philosophy when it comes to my FAG contributions.

In my travels, I have seen many different methods, processes and preferences among the FAG members and everyone is entitled to the way they do things - as long as it is historically sound. I am a 30 year dat... (read more)
Glenn Geirland (136,584 Memorials)
I am trying to put in as many records as I can find.
Have been getting some good feed back and a lot of thank
you's, just helping someone find an ancestry is worth
it all. I have a lot of pictures I have been working with the Clinton County Cemetery Restoration Project for the last 8 years we are a group of guys that repair the stones and strai... (read more)
Judy Mayfield (213,078 Memorials)
Find A Grave's mission is 'graves registration'.

Please specify your relationship when requesting transfers. I am no longer transfering outside the Findagrave guidelines.

Due to the growing popularity of the website I have been getting multiple transfer requests for the same memorial from several different contributors. Trying to... (read more)
Twist (181,656 Memorials)

My darling friend and father just died. Please be patient - I will be back to make the necessary changes to my memorials.

I am in Michigan. I am not related to 99.999% of my entries, but have added them with the hope that other researchers who have come to a dead end may be helped. With respect to those entries, I have no othe... (read more)
Dave (206,332 Memorials)
Paul R (205,714 Memorials)
Please use the edit tab and SAC to ask for a transfer or update.

I am retired so I have time to walk through the cemeteries and take pictures. In mid July 2010 I started a project to record as many memorials for the cemeteries in my county (Broome, NY) with pictures that I could. Thi... (read more)
Susanna Parrish Allen (152,119 Memorials)

The only truly dead are those who have been forgotten.
Jewish Proverb

Joanna (394,684 Memorials)
I am British, married to an American who has raised her children in the United Arab Emirates. I live in Abu Dhabi and work for the public heath system.

I got into graves on 2011 on a visit to the USA to see some long lost relatives. I like seeing people in their rightful resting place and love that FindAGrave is free so anyone can look for thei... (read more)
GerbLady (244,379 Memorials)
Rules are rules, and in this case, guidelines are rules. Please abide by them. They aren't that difficult.
A J Marik, Apr 13, 2013, Help Forum

The FAQs are definitely guiderules...or are they rulelines? No matter. The FAQs *absolutely* detail site policy and all members are expected to follow them and abide by them.
A J Marik, Nov 30, 2011... (read more)
Charlie (135,779 Memorials)
Please feel free to take any photos that I attach and upload them to your family tree. You do not need to ask my permission or credit me for the photograph.

I live in the East Riding of Yorkshire in England and am willing to look for graves etc in the local area.

I am trying to make a full record of the cemeteries I live near and am using... (read more)
Christina (181,024 Memorials)
I am happy to fill requests for many of the local cemeteries including Fort Snelling, Oakland, Roselawn, Elmhurst, and Forest Lawn. You are welcome to request a photo by leaving a message on my contributor page.

I was a professional photographer for eleven years and a few years ago I found that I enjoy photographing cemeteries. I'm not concerned... (read more)
John C. Anderson (430,868 Memorials)
My interest of documenting cemeteries began with a request to help on an Eagle Scout project in 2001.

Since I love creating and working with databases, digital photography and genealogy, what better combination!

I've documented many Howard Co. Indiana and Montclam Co. Michigan cemeteries with thousands of tombstone photos. My largest co... (read more)
Lin (180,250 Memorials)
***Purpose of Find a Grave = Graves Registration.

***Excessive auto edits - PROCESSED AUTOMATICALLY.

***Genealogy conflicts = Information, link disagreements, I will not be involved, take it up with F/G.

***TIME NOT AVAILABLE FOR = Repeated changes - obituaries after 1922 = Detailed in FAQ's - obituary rewrit... (read more)
Robert "Rob" Weller (208,367 Memorials)


Please submit any additions,corrections, biographies,requests for transfer, or family links to me under "EDIT" and "SUGGEST A CORRECTION" on the memorial site.
Sally - Midcoast Maine (148,234 Memorials)
Thanks to everyone who sends edits and posts photo's. I think it is great seeing the missing info getting filled in.

I will transfer management regardless of relation; however I will keep my direct family memorials.

Feel free to use my photos, they are there for everyone to use.

AlbqFirefly (1,120,640 Memorials)
Last active approx: 12/15/2014

If there is a change you can enter into the drop-down SAC (Suggest a Correction) system, please do so. Those will be done quickly.

Bio info and transfer requests, and other changes not addressable in the drop-down system, send by "other" SAC.

A limited number of spaces are available ... (read more)
Marvin & Samme Templin (445,716 Memorials)
We completed a survey of all known cemeteries in McMinn County plus transcribed McMinn County death certificates from 1914-1955.
Surnames we are reseaching: Marvin's lineage = Templin, Click, Bryant, Sisk, Smith, Waddell, Gross. Samme's lineage = Carpenter, Simpson, Hutsell, Julian, Warren
***************************... (read more)
Corey & Douglas Marshall-Steele (153,679 Memorials)
When making requests for edits or transfer, please use the SAC (suggest a correction) method from the edit tab on that memorial.

Sorry, edits or transfers will not be made from emails or wall postings, which would be needlessly inefficient -- and your request will be removed off of the wall. If you need assistance in using the edit tab, pleas... (read more)
Frank K. (191,395 Memorials)
My contributions are in honor of those, who walked before us, no disrespect is intended whatsoever by my submissions to this website.

I NEED YOUR HELP: Check out the virtual cemetery on the right. Maybe you can help finding these folks'... (read more)
Rich H. (142,587 Memorials)
Some changes sent to me to update memorials that went to my Spam mailbox, were accidentally deleted. Please resend me your requests if I haven't gotten back to you.

I authorize anyone to use my Find a Grave images in Wikipedia or their own family research, under the creative commons attribution license cc-by-2.5, where the attribution is 'R.E.H.'... (read more)
Cyndi (322,845 Memorials)
Please use the edit tab on the memorial to suggest corrections, request additional information be added, or to request a transfer.

Stuart Strout Woodside Skolfield (215,166 Memorials)
I guess I was 12 when my uncle George started telling me of my family roots, and gave me a lot of research. If you see any information that is not correct, please let us know. More than happy to make corrections and add relationship links to other memorials, but am curtailing (not stopping) transferring memorials due to growing misunderstanding of what ... (read more)

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